Cadillac XTS VIP Limousine

  • VIP Interior
  • Premium Video & Sound
  • Luxury Bar & Infotainment
  • 70″ Stretch
  • OEM Quality

Our Cadillac XTS with VIP interior package is a very special vehicle as it incorporates a 70″ stretch, a custom-fabricated interior as well as tons of custom features.

This limousine has an exclusive customized interior, which incorporates innovative top-quality materials. The vehicle is equipped with captain style heated and cooled leather seats with massage systems, a customized bar, innovative light system as well as advanced multimedia and audio systems. Furthermore, the partition between the driver and the passenger compartment contains a built-in LED screen allowing for maximal form and function.

Seating Capacity: 4 Passengers
VIP Package: Included
Extended Warranty: Included
Premium Service Package: Included
Stretch: 70”
Production Time: 3 – 4 weeks

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Custom Stretch

The 70″ stretch of this Cadillac XTS offers a unique level of comfort as well as flexibility in terms of layout and components found within the interior cabin.

OEM Materials

During the conversion, we re-use OEM materials wherever possible and always ensure that all other raw materials used are of the highest quality meeting or exceeding OEM standards.

Interior Options

This vehicle can be outfitted with a range of interior options including, but not limited to, bar units, full infotainment systems, tablet integrations and slide-out tables.

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While we’d love to say that we can, the realistic answer is no, we can’t. Some vehicles, albeit a very small percentage, simply do not lend themselves to limousine conversions. While technically speaking, any vehicle chassis can be elongated, we need to be able to stand behind the reliability of the final product. Hence, if our master technicians deem a project to be outside of our standards of excellence, we would not be able to proceed.

Yes. With the help of our state-of-the-art machinery and master fabricators, the possibilities are endless. We regularly work with very specific interior schematic provided to us by our clients.

When completed properly, absolutely none. Our extensive experience and multi-step quality control process ensures that any vehicle that leaves our facilities is never less reliable than when it came in. In the case of armored limousines, they are actually more reliable.

INKAS® is able to armor limousines in a multitude of levels depending on the vehicle type. Most vehicles can be armoured up to Euro Norm B6 and buses can be armored to B7 levels offering maximal protection.

While all limousines are livery vehicles, not all livery vehicles are necessary limousines. A livery vehicle is simply a vehicle which is hired to transport up to 7 passengers from one point to another. A taxi cab is also a livery vehicle. Limousines with capacities greater than 7 passengers are technically no longer livery vehicles, however colloquially they are still considered the same.

In most cases, a vehicle enters and exits our stretching floor within 2 weeks. This is non-inclusive of the time it takes to obtain the vehicle as well as customize its interior.

There is a dual definition for what constitutes a limousine. Either it is a vehicle designed to carry passengers in the rear cabin, operated by a chauffeur and partitioned or it is a vehicle designed for the transport of passengers to and from airports.

In its simplest terms, the conversion process involves the intricate dissection of the vehicle using laser guides, a centre partition is installed using all factory mounting points and ranges anywhere from 6 – 120 inches in length which is what connects the rear of the vehicle to the front. Vehicle brakes and suspension components are typically modified to accommodate extra weight and vehicle length. The interior of the vehicle is either upholstered to match factory specifications or completely removed and fully customized and reupholstered. The vehicle’s HVAC system is modified to accurately control the climate of the newly-extended inner cabin and a divider is installed to section off the front seats of the vehicle from the rear cabin.